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Mar 1, 2020

On this episode of Creator's Cove I talk to Kenny Vasoli the lead singer and writer for Vacationer who got his start in a punk band you might remember from highschool called The Starting Line. We talk about his evolution through music, where his passion lies, and talk about new music that has made an impact on us.


Kenny's Discoveries -

Bill Evans - Peace Piece

Hollywater - Fly Anakin and Big Kahuna OG

Your Old Droog (YOG) - It Wasn't Even Close

Hiding Places - Billy Woods and Kenny Segal

Sego Sucks - Sego


Kenny has some tour dates right now so make sure to follow him on all of his socials:







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Shout out to Kenny of Vacationer for our intro music!

Thanks for listening, and I hope you take another trip down to the Creator's Cove.